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Zafrani Jalebi (1 Kg on Pre Order)

90.00 د.إ

Indulge in the luxurious taste of our Zafrani Jalebi, where the traditional Indian sweet meets the royal touch of saffron. Each crisp, golden spiral is soaked in a fragrant syrup, offering a unique and rich flavor. Perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings or adding a touch of elegance to your celebrations, Tunday Kababi’s Zafrani Jalebi is a must-have for dessert lovers.



Experience the royal taste of our Zafrani Jalebi, a signature sweet from the kitchens of Tunday Kababi. Each spiral of this decadent dessert is a journey through a blend of tradition and luxury. Crafted with the finest quality all-purpose flour, our jalebis are deep-fried to a glistening golden perfection and then soaked in a fragrant, saffron-infused syrup. The saffron, known as ‘Zafran’, not only adds an exquisite aroma but also imparts a majestic hue and a distinctive taste, making our Zafrani Jalebi a connoisseur’s delight.

The crisp texture on the outside and the syrupy sweetness on the inside make each bite a delightful contrast. Perfect for celebrations or as a luxurious treat to elevate your everyday moments, our Zafrani Jalebi is a testament to our commitment to quality and traditional flavors.

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Key Features

Crisp, golden spirals infused with saffron, Deep-fried to perfection and soaked in a sweet syrup, Ideal for festivities and special occasions, A delightful blend of texture and flavor, Made with high-quality ingredients