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Shahi Tukda

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Experience the taste of royalty with Tunday Kababi’s Shahi Tukda, a luxurious dessert that combines crispy bread with creamy rabri, infused with saffron and garnished with nuts and rose petals. Perfect for those who appreciate the lavishness of traditional Indian desserts, this dish is a must-try for a truly regal culinary experience.



Revel in the opulence of Shahi Tukda, a regal dessert from the esteemed kitchens of Tunday Kababi. This Mughal-era delicacy is a harmonious blend of richness and elegance. Our Shahi Tukda is crafted from crispy, golden-fried bread slices soaked in fragrant, saffron-infused milk, and then layered with a thick, creamy rabri. Each serving is garnished with a sprinkle of crushed nuts and a hint of rose petals, enhancing its luxurious appeal.

Our rendition of Shahi Tukda is a tribute to the grandeur of Indian culinary art. The dish strikes a perfect balance between the crunchiness of the fried bread and the silky smoothness of the rabri, offering an exquisite melt-in-the-mouth experience. Ideal for festive celebrations or as a sumptuous end to a royal feast, our Shahi Tukda is a testament to the culinary legacy of Tunday Kababi.

Key Features:

  • Crispy, golden-fried bread soaked in saffron-infused milk
  • Topped with thick, creamy rabri
  • Garnished with nuts and rose petals
  • The perfect fusion of crunch and creaminess
  • Ideal for festive occasions and luxury dining