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Imarti (4Pcs)

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of our Imarti, a traditional Indian sweet that embodies the perfect blend of crispy and syrupy textures. Each piece, with its intricate design and delightful sweetness, is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Tunday Kababi. Perfect for special occasions or as a daily treat, our Imarti is a must-try for those who cherish authentic Indian sweets.



Discover the traditional charm of our Imarti, a classic Indian sweet that is a cherished offering at Tunday Kababi. Crafted with a blend of finely ground lentil flour, our Imarti is intricately shaped into elegant circular patterns, deep-fried to achieve a captivating orange hue, and then soaked in a light sugar syrup. This delightful sweet strikes a perfect balance between its crispy texture and syrupy core, offering a tantalizing experience with each bite.

Our Imarti is a celebration of age-old culinary traditions, bringing the authentic flavors of Indian sweets to your table. It’s the perfect end to a sumptuous meal or a delightful treat to enjoy with your evening tea. Whether it’s a festive occasion or a moment of everyday indulgence, our Imarti adds a touch of sweetness and joy.

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Intricately shaped and beautifully presented, Deep-fried to a perfect crispness and soaked in sugar syrup, Made with high-quality lentil flour, Ideal for festive occasions and as a daily treat, A delightful blend of texture and sweet flavors