Location: Q1 Mall-Dubai Silicon Oasis Ground Floor Beside Mosque Opposite Carrefour Near IT Plaza Building.

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Founder of Tunday Kababi Late Haji Murad Ali Lost his hand while flying kite on terrace which was the saddest accident of his life but also the boon in disguise.

In India a person with leg disability is called “Langadey” and a person with hand disability is called “Tunday”

Once the Nawab of Lucknow, being a foodie could not eat gourmet food because of all of his teeth were lost due to old age, He was so fond of Kababs that he organized a contest for cooking the softest and most succulent kababs and declared that the winner would enjoy the royal patronage henceforth.

The secret recipe was created by Haji Murad Ali, and as soon as Haji Murad Ali won that contest he got so much popular in Lucknow and all over the world with the name “Tenday Kababi”, since then he had got royal patronage henceforth for his softest and most succulent kababs.

if we talk about the secret recipe, it apparently has the great combination of 160 spices. The recipe is a secret of the family and is passed down to generation to generation by the ladies of the House.

Tunday Kababi was established in 1905 in the crisscrossed lanes of Chowk area of Lucknow by Haji Murad Ali where it still serves mouth-watering kababs today. the most important thing is that Tunday Kababi has miraculously preserved the original taste and flavor of its kababs for over a century.

Enjoy the Original Tunday Kabab!!! 

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Founder: Late Haji Murad Ali

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Softest and most Succulent Kababs



Secret recipe of our kababs has the great combination of 160 spices. The recipe is a secret of the family and is passed down to generation to generation by the ladies of the House.


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    tasty and crunchy


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