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Mattha (Chaas)

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Enjoy the refreshing taste of Tunday Kababi’s Mattha (Chaas), a traditional Indian buttermilk that’s perfect for cooling down and aiding digestion. This lightly spiced and herbed drink is a healthy and delicious choice for any time of the day, especially alongside meals or as a soothing refreshment on warm days.



Tunday Kababi’s Mattha, also known as Chaas, is a traditional Indian buttermilk that’s both nourishing and refreshing. This cooling beverage is made from yogurt blended with water, seasoned with a subtle mix of spices like roasted cumin powder, rock salt, and fresh herbs like mint and coriander. The result is a light, frothy drink that’s perfect for soothing the palate and aiding digestion.

Our Mattha is more than just a beverage; it’s a staple in Indian cuisine known for its health benefits and cooling properties. It’s especially favored during hot weather or as an accompaniment to spicy meals. The blend of spices and herbs not only enhances the flavor but also adds to its digestive properties, making it a must-try for health-conscious individuals.

Key Features:

  • Made from yogurt, water, and a blend of spices and herbs
  • Light, frothy, and refreshing
  • Soothes the palate and aids in digestion
  • A healthy alternative to sugary beverages
  • Perfect for hot days or as an accompaniment to meals