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Biryani Rice

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Experience the rich flavors and aromas of Tunday Kababi’s Biryani Rice, a classic Indian dish that perfectly combines fragrant basmati rice with exotic spices. This dish is a celebration of texture and taste, offering a delightful accompaniment to any of our curries or kababs, or a satisfying meal on its own. Perfect for any fan of authentic Indian cuisine.



Indulge in the exquisite taste of Tunday Kababi’s Biryani Rice, a dish that truly encapsulates the essence of Indian culinary tradition. Our Biryani Rice is a harmonious blend of long-grain basmati rice, slow-cooked with a medley of aromatic spices, herbs, and a touch of saffron, which imparts a distinctive color and a rich, appetizing aroma. The rice grains are cooked to fluffy perfection, each separate and imbued with the flavors of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and bay leaves.

This dish is not just a staple of Indian cuisine; it’s a celebration of the rich, diverse flavors that Indian cooking has to offer. Whether enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment to our variety of curries and kababs, Tunday Kababi’s Biryani Rice is a versatile and flavorful choice for any meal. It’s a must-have for lovers of Indian food, perfect for both everyday dining and special occasions.

Key Features:

  • Premium long-grain basmati rice
  • Infused with a blend of aromatic spices and saffron
  • Cooked to fluffy, separate perfection
  • Versatile pairing with curries and kababs
  • Suitable for a wide range of dining occasions